Our history

In 1997 Daniele Travi and his wife Roberta Beltracchini, set up an activity which was more than just a commercial farm-holding;  it turned out to be a true cultural adventure. One of those “bets” that you could only win if you dared not focus on economics but rather on a genuine passion for something much more complex: investing in historical and sentimental value. In fact, it entailed giving rise to an autochthonous variety of vine: the Verdesa, which was already known and appreciated at the time of Plinio il Vecchio. The Travi family are not novices in the wine industry: it is well known that since the late eighteenth century the family have dedicated their life to oenology. Travi began with one hectare of land,  expanded to strictly hand-built  terraces with the aid of installed cable ways, and later planned a new wine cellar with the most modern equipment, gathering around him expert oenology consultants and an agronomist. The worked surface has gradually increased and it now covers three hectares of land. The management is exclusively family-run except during the periods of high activity when help is required, such as the grape-harvest.

Foto Storico di Domaso