Domasino originates from the term that was formerly used for the wines from the territory above Domaso. The terraced vineyards, exposed to the mild and breezy climate from the western shore of Lake Como, produce grapes of outstanding quality and value. From these grapes, wines with unique drink characteristics and elegance are produced.

The Domasino wines:

The grapes of Domasino

With the cultivation of its vineyards overlooking Lake Como, Sorsasso is committed to safeguarding the local wine-making tradition, cultivating both native grapes, such as Verdesa white and Rosseia, and international grapes Merlot and Sangiovese.
Produced from these grapes are: the white DOMASINO wine IGT Terre Lariane, which is characterized by its freshness and by its delicate floral perfumes, the red DOMASINO wine IGT Terre Lariane, by its bright ruby color, with a pleasant aroma of red fruit, and, latest production, the DOMASINO rosé wine IGT Terre Lariane, which is the result of the vinification in rosé of Schiava Gentile, Sangiovese and Barbera grapes.


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